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2023 Update

PM 2023 Spring Update

Doc P gives us a look ahead to the future of all the Postie Media endeavors.

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YouTube Playlist:

Millwood MobSquad Gameplay

"Let's Play" style videos that explore crazy ways to play video games. Begins with Oblivion (The Elder Scrolls IV).

YouTube Playlist:

Millwood MobSquad On-Point
On Point

A semi-scripted commentary series on the video game industry where each video covers a single topic.

When the powers of Dope Artists and Fresh Beats combine, the results can only be described as



Songs by Postie
Songs - LP
Postie (11/19/2020)

Songs by Postie is a collection of songs performed by Postie.


Direct Intent by Doc P
Direct Intent - LP
Doc P (06/09/2017)

A full-length vocal release featuring 13 songs of varied styles.


To Be Announced
To Be Announced
Coming Soon

We are excited to be announce that we will be releasing details on our next project very soon!

Expect more info sometime in the coming months.

Postie Media Blog - Latest Posts

2023 New Year's Update

2023 New Year's Update

January 09, 2023
By Doc P

This blog was established last year with the intent of posting regular updates on each Postie Media endeavor whenever there was some kind of progress to report. Unfortunately 2022 was a slow enough year that until now, there was only one post, (now deleted since the same subject will be covered here.) There just wasn’t enough coming out to talk about.

There is a lot coming down the pipeline however, so it’s feast or famine as usual here... Click to read more...


Postie Media Group is a collective of underrepresented artists from across the media spectrum. Our one uniting trait is that we are all committed to providing alternative choices in our own respective media realms.

Through Freshly Baked Beats, we record and release underground music. Millwood MobSquad is our wing for online entertainment such as gameplay videos and podcasts. We have more projects in the works, so keep an eye on this site the coming months for more info.

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